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On this page you will find the workbook, tools and resources you need for your program. Please complete goals and objectives worksheet, save the file and email to your coach before your call. We recommend sharing any completed documents with your coach in a password protected format. For additional secure forwarding information, click  here.

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Healthy Eating Modules

  Module 1 – Are You Ready to Change

  Module 2 – Nutrition Basics

  Module 3 – Portion Control and Serving Selection

  Module 4 – How to Eat – Structure your Day for Success

  Module 5 – Deciphering the Food Label

  Module 6 – Stocking your Kitchen: Grocery Shopping and Tips to Plan Ahead

Module 7 – Breakfast of Champions and Snack Attacks

Module 8 – Eating Out – Tips for Success

  Module 9 – Traveling/Eating on the Run

  Module 10 – Craving Busters – How to Prevent Cravings

 Module 11 – Revamp your Environment

  Module 12 – Long-term success: Lifestyle changes

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