Welcome to Curtis Health’s Virtual Studio for online Fitness, and Yoga Classes!

We look forward to moving with you and helping each other stay fit, healthy and resilient.

Our dynamic class formats have something for everyone and our experienced instructors are top notch.

See below for details on our current schedule with class descriptions, instructor bios, Zoom class FAQ’s as well as a video tutorial on the steps to register for and join our Zoom classes.

A reminder to please consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Work at your own pace and take breaks as needed. Drink water to stay hydrated and stop if you feel dizzy at any time during a class.

Please note all participants must complete a virtual class waiver before beginning to participate.

Questions? Contact virtual_group_fitness@curtishealth.com 

Please complete the waiver, link below before your first class.

All the trainers are so energetic and positive! This is what we need in this Covid time.

Parvin Doroudian


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Steps to Register for & Join Our Zoom Classes


Before March 2020, I’ve attended various fitness classes. With these live -stream classes, I make it a point to attend classes daily. I‘m loving it! I am more active than before. Thank you to you and all the staff and trainers at Curtis Health for making this possible. You are all my heroes……as you are keeping me and others healthy!!!

Angie So

BC Hydro

Meet our Instructors

Nicole Wutschnik

Nicole began teaching fitness as a hobby that grew from her own interest in weight training and running. At the time she was working a 9-5 office job, and noticed that a lot of her colleague’s complaints stemmed from a lack of strength training and physical activity.

More about Nicole

She wanted to help them understand that they could help common issues like lower back pain, headaches, and even depression with a consistent and sustainable fitness habit, which led her to make a career change. 

The best skill that she brings to her role as an instructor is her genuine interest in the success and enjoyment of each participant. She always does her best to motivate, encourage, and provide an inclusive fitness class. 

When Nicole is not teaching, she loves to practice weight lifting, enjoys local trails, and finding quiet time. 

Her favorite exercise to teach is a Deadlift. It’s the exercise that she’s seen most improve the functional strength and movement of her clients. Plus, it’s pretty cool!

Nicole wishes to inspire, empower, and equip her class participants to find activities that they enjoy so that they can keep moving along their wellness journey, often in a way that they didn’t realize they were capable of. 

Caroline Collins

Tim Hawke

Tim’s journey as an instructor began in 1999 as an aquafit instructor at the YM-YWCA of Winnipeg. His experience in teaching a wide variety of land fitness classes, as well as gaining experience as a Personal Trainer and Life Coach has been building ever since. 

More about Tim

His greatest strengths as an instructor are his experience, energy, and ability to teach to multiple fitness levels. 

Tim’s favorite classes to teach are strength based formats. His teaching style is simple, which allows his personality to shine through.

His signature phrase in class is “Change starts with the belief I can”

He draws from his own personal experiences of overcoming fitness challenges such as surgery, injury and disease, to be an authentic leader and coach. 

When Tim’s not teaching he loves to maintain his own workouts and daily habits of learning, reading, and meditating. He also enjoys spending time with his dog, a laid back boxer named Simon.

Caroline Collins

Megan Merrick

Megan’s journey as an instructor began with her teaching group fitness as a volunteer at the North York YMCA in Toronto and she attained her full certification when she was 16 years old.

More about Megan

Megan has obtained her Masters in Kinesiology from UBC, has become certified as a Pilates instructor as well as a certified Medical Exercise Specialist with ACE.

Megan has always been a mover and done competitive team and individual sports.  

Three words that describe her are energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable. 

Megan’s favorite classes to teach are anything strength related as well as Pilates. She enjoys the high energy of strength and conditioning with those large movements, as well as the very small and effective movements of Pilates. She believes they help you bring mind and body together as a whole. She enjoys the contrast between the two as well as how the systems work together to create a strong and supple body. 

When she’s not teaching she loves playing guitar in her heavy metal band “Iron Kingdom”, reading books on human psychology, science or musical artist biographies, trying new workouts, travelling all over the world with the band and cooking new and exciting meals. 

Megan’s favourite exercise to teach is the plank. From many of the practitioners she has worked with in the past, planks have been one of the most recommended exercises given for people with all types of injuries and issues to improve core strength. She also loves how hard they are and how many endless versions there are. She could do them forever and never get bored of them! 

Megan aspires to be a role model who inspires movement. She wants her participants to come to each class and see exercise as what their body can do, not what it can’t. Exercise should be a celebration and should be fun. She wants everyone to be the best version of themselves and enjoy the process of getting fit and feeling great. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

Muriel Marguerite

Muriel has been a Zumba instructor since 2017. She instantly fell in love with this exercise in disguise so much that she decided to become an instructor herself. She had this urge to share the magic of Zumba, the energy and feel-good vibes. 

More about Muriel

Three words that describe Muriel are energetic, positive and grounded.

Muriel’s daily habits include having her daily cup of coffee in the morning, meditating at least 10 min every day, and hugging her kids.

When she’s not teaching she loves to cook, read, go hiking, get grounded by connecting with nature, and spend time with her friends and family.

Two of her favorite rhythms to teach are Salsa and Soca. The salsa rock back step makes her feel like she’s flying, it’s very flowy in general and makes her feel happy. Soca is another story- it’s packed with energy and has you jumping around like a maniac!

Muriel loves that Zumba is for everybody, every shape, every size, any age. Her mission is to get her participants moving and bring them some sunshine for a moment, so they can forget about their worries, free their mind, feel good and be happy. Let’s dance and burn our calories away! 

Caroline Collins

Louis Baker

Louis’ journey as an instructor began in Birmingham, England where he grew up. He always admired the instructors of the fitness classes he used to attend, and what they could do with a bunch of people!

More about Louis

The best skill Louis brings to his role as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer is to enable people to do things they think they cannot do, and to uncomplicate the process for them.

Louis can be described as easy going, orderly and relaxed.

He enjoys teaching all formats but a favorite is letting loose with intense cardio or HIIT class from time to time. 

His teaching style is fun, but effective.

Loui’s daily habits include cleaning and tidying up, preparing for the upcoming day, as well as practicing Yoga, which has helped him be more mindful and focus inwardly on himself.

When Louis is not teaching he loves to be outside running and hiking. He enjoys driving in the rain, listening to music, and reading about current world events and fitness related news. He also loves watching anything to do with “Star Wars”.

Louis favorite exercises to teach are variations of rotating side planks.

He’s been known to spontaneously start dancing in class – to “Move and groove” as he likes to say!

He aspires to show his participants the benefits of movement and mindful connection with themselves.

Pixie - Curtis Health

Lori Crandall

Lori teaches from her heart. As much as Yoga is about moving your body and getting a good stretch, it is so much more if you allow your mind and breath to be a part of the practice as well. 

More about Lori

Lori’s Yoga journey began in 2003 in a class prescribed by her physiotherapist as a way to overcome injuries from marathon training. She was told not to run and allow time for her body to heal. She thought that once she was better, she would stop doing Yoga, but she was hooked after doing her first class. She had no idea Yoga would change her life and actually become a part of her daily fitness routine. In 2016, she took her Yoga Teacher Training as a way to deepen her love of the practice and was pleasantly surprised how much she enjoyed teaching others.

 Lori teaches from her heart. As much as Yoga is about moving your body and getting a good stretch, it is so much more if you allow your mind and breath to be a part of the practice as well. She likes to make a personal connection with her students and see them grow in their own practice.

Three words that describe Lori are passionate, energetic and patient.

She teaches a variety of yoga styles: Power, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin. 

Every morning Lori starts with five minutes of meditation then a two mile power walk with her dogs along the ocean and through the forest trails near her house. Being in nature is such a great way to reset her mind for the day and practice mindfulness and gratitude along the way. 

When she’s not teaching, her two rescue dogs, Ricky and Lucy, take up most of her spare time with their exercise and training. You will find her walking them all over the North Shore. She also enjoys cruising along the waterfront with her husband on their paddle boards. On the weekends she’s usually out in the garden, enjoying being out in nature, her favourite thing in the world. Of course, doing yoga is part of her daily routine and working on creative sequences to use with her students. She plans on doing yoga every day for the rest of her life.

Lori is known for saying “lead with your heart” in class. It’s a cue to not only open up your shoulders and work on posture but also to go through life listening to your heart.

Yoga can be intimidating.  Lori wants everyone to feel welcome, comfortable and have an open mind to whatever happens on their mat, whether it is their first or thousandth class. She wants her students to love yoga as much as she does and keep coming back. She encourages them to try things, even if it doesn’t look pretty, and have the ability to laugh at themselves when things don’t go as planned! When someone walks in the studio looking like they have had the most stressful day at work, yet they leave the class looking like they just woke up from a deep, peaceful sleep, she calls that a successful class.

Caroline Collins

Claire Hayes

Claire Hayes has been a personal trainer since 1998 and a conditioning coach for athletes since 2009. She competed in bodybuilding for 17yrs at a National level, and is currently a contest prep coach.

More about Claire

Some fun history about Claire as a youngster; she was a North American Irish Dance Champion and toured with River Dance as a pre-teen.

Some of the best skills Claire brings to her classes is a belief in her participants. When they don’t believe in themselves, she makes sure to see their strengths and remind them of how powerful they are. No matter what else has happened in their day she’s always ready to bring the good vibes and encourage them to forget external stress and focus on the enjoyment of moving their bodies.

Three words that describe Claire are energetic, positive, and persistent.

Her favorite class to teach is Total Body Conditioning because of the flexibility to combine multiple exercises using different systems of the body. She also likes giving cues and tips on proper form during the strength training moves.

When Claire isn’t teaching she loves to strength train in various forms including powerlifting. Playing and walking with her dogs is also a favorite part of her life, as well as home improvements and relaxing in the evenings with her husband. She also loves to travel and stay at all inclusive resorts where she can balance her hard work with rest and play.

Zoom Classes FAQ’s

Do I need to inform Curtis Health if I can’t make a class I’ve registered for?

You can cancel your registration through the class confirmation email you received from Zoom when you registered, or you can simply just not show up for class. No need to let us know.

Is there a participant limit to the classes?

Currently Curtis Health has a limit of 100 participants.

I’ve registered for a class but I’m having trouble accessing a session. What should I do?

Firstly, watch our Steps to Register for and Join our Zoom Classes video above on this page to ensure you haven’t missed any important steps or considerations. If you’re still having issues, contact virtual_group_fitness@curtishealth.com 

Why do some of the class times in Zoom start or end at a different time than the Curtis Health Zoom class schedule indicates?

Zoom has time specification limits when setting up meetings. This is why a class for instance may display in Zoom as 12:00-1:00pm but the class actually occurs 12:10-12:55pm. This will be noted in the class description on Zoom but you can also see the Curtis Health schedule to ensure the correct times.

Do I need any equipment to participate in the classes?

We recommend having a mat and water bottle for each class. If you don’t have a mat, a towel may do. Our classes are designed with people at home in mind therefore most of our classes will not need additional equipment for, although some classes may offer options to use weights if you have them. You can use weighted household items as an alternative when safe, such as soup cans, a backpack with books in it, etc. Check the right column on our class descriptions for any equipment that may be suggested for each class.

The passcode provided by Zoom doesn’t seem to be working to get into a Zoom session. What should I do?

First, double check you’re entering in the correct passcode. Note this is the passcode provided to you in the registration confirmation for each class, not your Zoom sign in password. You can try signing out and back in to your Zoom account once again as well, then re-clicking on the link to join. You can also check if there is a software update available for Zoom. If still having issues contact virtual_group_fitness@curtishealth.com

Are there instructor bios I can see to learn more about the instructors?

Yes. Please see our bios above on this page.

Can I access class recordings? Are there recordings available for all classes?

Those who have access to our Thrive page can view sample recordings of most of our virtual classes under Recorded Zoom Classes.

These are updated approximately every 8 weeks.

Contact virtual_group_fitness@curtishealth.com if you do not have access.

Please note not all class recordings may be available for reasons including, but not limited to instructor insurance requirements and other technical circumstances.

I’m experiencing a delay or lag in the sound or video in the Zoom classes.

If other participants are not also having this issue, it may be your internet connection. Here are some things you can try to learn about your connection and optimize it:

  • Shut down any unnecessary applications other than Zoom. Turning off your camera in Zoom can also save bandwidth.
  • Hardwire into your router with an ethernet cable whenever possible for a better connection
  • If you cannot hardwire in, move your laptop closer to the router.
  • Run a speed test on your device. This will give you both a download and upload speed. Note Zoom requires a minimum 3 Mpps upload speed.
  • Disconnect/reconnect to the network, re-sign in to Zoom.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Zoom. Check for updates often.
I’m not hearing the music in classes, what can I do?

We’ve raised this recent issue with Zoom, and they have informed us this is a network connection issue on the participants side. Here are some things you can try to learn about your connection and optimize it:

  • Shut down any unnecessary applications other than Zoom.  Turning off your camera in Zoom can also save bandwidth.
  • Hardwire into your router with an ethernet cable whenever possible for a better connection
  • If you can’t hardwire in, move your laptop closer to the router.
  • Do a speed test on your device. This will give you both a download and upload speed. Note Zoom requires a minimum 3 Mpps upload speed.
  • Disconnect/reconnect to the network, re-sign in to Zoom.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Zoom. Check for updates often.