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Fitness Centre

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Curtis Health, is onsite support for the tenants of FWCU consultation to assist with supporting the tenants wellness, mental and physical health.  If you would like to learn more about these services, please email us at

All tenants who wish to use the fitness centre will be required to complete a safety orientation with a Curtis Health staff member prior to being granted access.  Please see the Access to the Fitness Centre section below for instructions. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Access to the Fitness Centre

Read and sign the Fitness Centre Use Waiver and Release form to gain access to the fitness centre, this needs to be submitted via Angus to Warrington PCI. Once Curtis Health has received your completed Rules and Regulations Waiver,  you will be invited via email to schedule your orientation.

Hours of Operation & Staffed Hours

Group Fitness

In Person Office Tenant Classes 

Curtis Health will be offering three Lunch Time drop in Group Fitness Classes for the office tenants in the FWCU building.  You need to have completed the application and waiver for access to the Fitness Centre and the orientation prior to attending the classes.  For everyone’s safety the size of the classes are limited because of the size of the area available for fitness class.  Space is available on a “first come first serve” base, the sign up sheet for that day’s class will be put out 10 min prior to the start of class, and participants must be present (and remain in the fitness centre) to sign up.

Private Group Fitness Classes are available on demand as well. For more information, please email


Personal Training
Curtis Health has a variety of Personal Training services to meet you where you are. We offer packages of 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, both virtual and/or face to face. Monthly Personal Training Subscriptions provide accountability and our Pre-Paid options provide scheduling flexibility. 
Have questions, or ready to get started? Chat with your Curtis Health staff onsite, or email
Meet the Team

Our instructors and trainers are fully certified and are trained in CPR and First Aid.  Our management team is the best in the industry. We care about our team and we care about our customers. Our aim is to go above and beyond in meeting your fitness and wellness needs at every opportunity.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to a healthy and resilient lifestyle.

Staff Bios


Danielle Savage –Fitness Coordinator and Instructor

Danielle Savage was born and raised in Vancouver. She is married and has 2 teenage kids and a dog. She is an avid musician and speaks 4 languages. She started working in fitness in 2019, two years after starting her own fitness journey. Fitness made her better, physically and mentally. It made her realize that anyone can do it, they may just need some help. Danielle believes it is one of her purposes to make it as fun and as attainable as possible for anyone who participates in her classes or training sessions.
Fitness is, and should be, for everyone.

Lina Emesayel – Fitness Instructor

Lina is a certified BCRPA Fitness Leader in Personal Training, Weight Training, Fitness Theory and Group Fitness.

Lina is passionate about fitness and coaching and loves to share her knowledge with others. She is a strong believer that having a healthy and active lifestyle contributes to happiness and quality of life.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA. Lina comes from a corporate background, and while working over 10 years in the banking and consulting practices she has always been active and believed in having a balance between office work and exercise.

In 2018, two years after having her second child and going through the journey of getting fit, Lina decided to pursue her passion for fitness through obtaining her Personal Training certificate and working as a personal trainer.
She conducted fitness programs for individuals in a positive, professional, and fun manner to achieve their fitness goals and led group interval training classes. She enjoys teaching group fitness classes and loves yoga and hiking.
She joined Curtis Health team believing in their values of providing wellness programs for a healthy corporate culture and the importance of raising this awareness in our community.






12 Weeks to Wellness



Who is Curtis Health?

Curtis Personalized Health Management Ltd is a fitness, health and wellness management company that assists individuals and organizations with their on-site health and fitness programming, facility design and operation. We work with individual companies to enhance the well-being of their employees and benefit the company and with Property Managers to design and operate their fitness facilities with the best service available for their tenants.

Fitness Centre members will benefit from assistance with their exercise programs, tips on a variety of wellness topics and fun Fitness Challenges.  We are here to help you with your health & wellness journey with Personal Training or just a friendly chat and a weight room orientation.  Don’t know where to start?  We will help you, no matter your fitness level, or goals.

Trust and Longevity

As the most established fitness and workplace wellness management service organization in the Lower Mainland, we have created and delivered healthier performance levels and happier, balanced lives through high employee participation, greater job satisfaction and increased productivity.


Curtis Health has a top reputation in the industry for quality, creative programming, professionalism, stability, and unparalleled service excellence.

Offering More & Exceeding Expectations

One of our core missions is to continuously offer more and exceed expectations. Over the past thirty years, we have delivered more and are driven to provide the best value for our clients.

Skills and Abilities

We are a team of professionals: kinesiologists, personal trainers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, fitness instructors, operations managers and human resources managers who bring the latest and most relevant industry information to our sites and our customers.