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We are looking forward to seeing you back at the fitness centre. 


Access to the Fitness Centre

Read and sign the updated King George Rules and Regulations form to get access to the fitness centre.

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Hours of Operation & Staffed Hours

Group Fitness

Virtual Services 

Curtis Health is offering virtual services in the form of online group fitness classes, stretch and meditation breaks held Monday through Friday. Virtual  Personal Training options are available to support you.  In addition to these services, we have created a webpage to help support you in maintaining a positive mental,  and physical health  while you adapt to your changing environment. The Thrive webpage consists of article and tips on; exercises, managing stress, mindfulness and more.   

The cost for  King George Fitness members to access the online zoom classes (and recordings of the classes) is just  $25.00 a month. Contact to register. 

Personal Training
Curtis Health has a variety of Personal Training services to meet you where you are. We offer packages of 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, both virtual and/or face to face. Monthly Personal Training Subscriptions provide accountability and our Pre-Paid options provide scheduling flexibility. 
Have questions, or ready to get started? Chat with your Curtis Health staff onsite, or email
Meet the Team

Our instructors and trainers are fully certified and are trained in CPR and First Aid.  Our management team is the best in the industry. We care about our team and we care about our customers. Our aim is to go above and beyond in meeting your fitness and wellness needs at every opportunity.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to a healthy and resilient lifestyle.

Staff Bios

Patrick Edwards

Fitness Coordinator, BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor, & BCRPA Personal Trainer


Patrick Edwards was born in Chilliwack, BC. Currently resides in Fraser Heights, Surrey. He brings his studies in Kinesiology, along side personal training experience to the Curtis Health Community. He has worked in fitness corporations, as well as small local gyms and brings the best of both worlds to the team.

Patrick is invested in client development and seeking out the best in people. Always looking for the safest and most efficient option.

Patrick has recently taken up bouldering at climbing gyms and enjoys his free time there. Other interests include camping, golfing, local theatre and other out-of-the-box activities from an adventure book.










12 Weeks to Wellness



Who is Curtis Health?

Curtis Personalized Health Management Ltd is a fitness, health and wellness management company that assists individuals and organizations with their on-site health and fitness programming, facility design and operation. We work with individual companies to enhance the well-being of their employees and benefit the company and with Property Managers to design and operate their fitness facilities with the best service available for their tenants.

Fitness Centre members will benefit from assistance with their exercise programs, tips on a variety of wellness topics and fun Fitness Challenges.  We are here to help you with your health & wellness journey with Personal Training or just a friendly chat and a weight room orientation.  Don’t know where to start?  We will help you, no matter your fitness level, or goals.

Trust and Longevity

As the most established fitness and workplace wellness management service organization in the Lower Mainland, we have created and delivered healthier performance levels and happier, balanced lives through high employee participation, greater job satisfaction and increased productivity.


Curtis Health has a top reputation in the industry for quality, creative programming, professionalism, stability, and unparalleled service excellence.

Offering More & Exceeding Expectations

One of our core missions is to continuously offer more and exceed expectations. Over the past thirty years, we have delivered more and are driven to provide the best value for our clients.

Skills and Abilities

We are a team of professionals: kinesiologists, personal trainers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, fitness instructors, operations managers and human resources managers who bring the latest and most relevant industry information to our sites and our customers.