Wellness Portals: THRIVE

Wellness Resources Portal

Packed with exercises, videos, audio meditations, recipes, articles and links, this site is a key cornerstone for any organization’s arsenal to fight the negative effects of COVID-19 and help keep the employees resilient, happy and productive.

Thrive can be a stand-alone website added to the Gamified Challenge portal (see below) as a complete, all-in-one wellness site depending on the extend of the programs and budget.


Newsletters, Articles & Blogs

We can provide content for your company newslettres, and blogs, that is customized to meet your teams pain points.  

Virtual Classes

Enjoy a variety of inspiring, online exercise classes from our own in-house, “best-in-class” instructors for beginners to advanced. Yoga, Pilates, Core, Zumba, Total Body Conditioning and HIIT just to name of few.

In addition to our workout classes, we also offer guided meditation and stretch breaks throughout the week.

“I have been an avid user of the gym for a number of years and I can certainly say without fail that 12 Weeks / Curtis Health provides an impressive array of workout classes…. fulfilling the needs of all. The staff are energetic, knowledge, encouraging, friendly, humorous. They provide excellent guidance and recommendations.   Thank you”!

Option 1- Live Streamed Classes 

Classes are at 6:15, or 6:45 am, 12:10, 1:10 and 5:10 or 5:30  pm pacific time.

Currently 14 exercise classes, 5 stretch breaks and 3 meditation breaks are available.

View sample clips of our livestreamed classes here.

Mindfulness, Breathing and Stretching Sessions

12 Weeks has created a suite of mindfulness services that provide a full range of options for individuals to participate in. With collaboration from wellness, experts, coaches, Mindfulness experts and educators from across North America, you can be assured of gaining impactful insights on how to live happier, with peace and clarity, focus and positive energy. Our Mindfulness services include:

  • Guided Mindfulness and stretch sessions.
  • Blogs and articles


Incentives and Challenges

12 Weeks has been developing and coordinating fun, engaging and educational challenges for 35 years. Fun health competitions educate individuals and groups while motivating them to take action and change through fitness, weight loss, nutrition and other lifestyle related topics.

Any Challenge can be Individual, team based, or both. Teams can be comprised of any number of participants, although a client can opt to set minimum or maximum limits if preferred. Team Challenges can be set for ‘average’ steps or points so that teams of any size can compete against each other with no disadvantage.

We offer over 40 unique gamified themes to choose between through our online challenges and many proprietary challenges on site. Our challenges are ideal for a single location group or a dis-tributed workforce for morale building, competition, engagement and fun!

These inspiring and motivating activities span the gamut of wellness initiatives. Examples of challenge themes available include:

Currently, we offer over 40 different challenge templates that span the gamut of wellness initiatives. Examples of challenge themes available include:

  • Fitness and steps competitions
  • Proactive weight-loss contests
  • Nutrition and behavioural challenges
  • Personal, individual and team goals
  • Wellness themes
  • Stress and change

Data and Forms Hub Value Added Services

To support and optimize the challenge experience and function, it is built upon a robust and award-winning platform that offers a combination of interactive trackers, assessments, goals setting and community social widgets. Plus, you have the ability to add on all levels and types of content specific to the needs, goals and interests of the group.

  • Increase challenge participation and engagement through fun gamification and social media collaboration
  • Tailor programs to suit any unique company culture
  • Send motivating messages to keep participants engaged
  • Incentives and wellness score
  • Communicate health tips and strategies
  • Schedule wellness events to an integrated calendar
  • Readiness for change quiz
  • Group specific social media through chat/message boards
  • Mobile responsive design accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Reports
  • Produce real time reports to track and measure the program
  • Personalized and easy to use goal setting and tracking widgets
  • or let’s create a custom challenge!!!

Fully Gamified Challenge Portal


Fully Gamified Services (extras)

Key Services and Features Available in the Data Hub as an extra service fee (plus data hub price below):

  • Health risk assessment
  • Resilience and wellbeing profiler with individual report
  • Self-directed change programs with to do lists and assignments
  • Digitized self-directed workbooks on wellness topics
  • Interactive e-learning modules (coming soon)
  • Coaching widget
  • Comprehensive, customizable wellness library
  • Engaging and gamified individual and buddy challenges
  • Event calendar with scheduler and video coaching
  • Scheduled communications to all users
  • Shopping and award incentive items available
  • Varying reports and analytics

These services are available in French and English.

Private and Exclusive Customized Live Streamed Classes

Build community and achieve your specific goals through customized classes exclusive to your group or organization at your preferred time.

Contact us today for an estimate.

On Demand Classes

Never worry about missing a class! Subscribe for on demand classes and participate on your own time.

This set of services are the next level in developing and delivering a first class, effective virtual fitness and wellness program.

Fitness & Wellness Virtual Support Concierge

Through ongoing communication and guidance, we partner with each individual to ensure accountability, knowledge, inspiration and tools to thrive at home or at work.

We do this through various means including: 

  • Email and other messaging
  • Our Live Chat feature where you can access our personal trainers for questions, exercise ideas and more
  • Orientations / consultations
  • Sharing relevant resources

Hours available can range based on size of population, service requirements and budget.


Available in French and English and range from 15 to 60+ minutes and are designed to fit the needs and interests of our clients.

Examples include:

  • Eating for Stress and Coping
  • Emotional eating at home
  • Parenting and wellness during COVID-19
  • Stress and resilience during the Pandemic
  • Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Super Market Savvy
  • Making the Best of Unhealthy Decisions
  • Boost your Energy, Maximize your Metabolism
  • Stress Resilience and Hardiness

For a full listing of our workshop offerings please visit:

“I love that the wellness sessions are recorded, and I can listen to them again……. I had my first online session with …….and she is fabulous. It wasn’t awkward…..Love your enthusiasm and encouragement….! I appreciate the resources you are providing. The transition to home workouts has been a difficult one for me and…….is helping. The ……app is useful too. I can watch the exercises that ……lays out if I forget technique.”

Online Assessments

Our assessments, screenings and profiles are designed to put critical health data at your fingertips. By identifying at-risk populations within your organization, you are better equipped to educate employees and make positive changes. Using detailed reporting tools, you will have the information you need to design customized programs and address identified risk factors. You can also track the progress of your at-risk members and optimize programs to fit their needs. With this approach, you can reduce costs while enhancing engagement, productivity, employee health and more.

Through these proposed assessments, participants increase awareness, gain an understanding of their present reality and lifestyle, set a benchmark for themselves and identify their priorities and issues to address in their lives. The company receives valuable aggregate data on population trends, interests and specific work unit health in which to create effective programs and achieve the desired results.

There are many types of Assessments and Profiles available. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  1. Needs and Interest Survey
  2. Health Risk Assessment (Standard and University of Michigan comprehensive)
  3. Resilience and Wellbeing profiler
  4. Biometric Health Screens
  5. Onsite Fitness testing

Fee-based on volume to be determined.

Population Interest and Habits Survey

 This electronic Survey summarizes group health habits such as time of exercise, most popular types of activity, group class and workshop references, barriers to activity and healthy living, exercise equipment preference, an idea of commitment level, program preferences and other areas VPD would like to determine as related to company objectives, wellness and services of interest.

Health Risk Assessment

This is a gold standard in a corporate wellness program and personal change. Levels of health risk for exercise, consumption, stress, active living, and healthy choices are among the key indicators of this inventory. We recommend an interactive as a possible program that calls for self-directed use and that can be complemented by online resources, lifestyle tools, custom-tailored programs and fitness, health and wellness services.

These questionnaires are confidential are reusable throughout the year and track group trends and personal habits change over time. This program is available online for easy access and user-friendliness. We understand that the internal HRA is currently available for all employees. 

Resilience & Well-Being Profiler

This tool is a self-administered, self-awareness, tool that is the first step to improving resilience and wellbeing.

This tool helps participants clearly identify where lack of balance, unproductive coping skills, and lifestyle compromise and health risks may contribute to their wellness, balance and productivity challenges.

Participants are asked to rate how much stress they experience across eight areas of life. Their individual report provides an overview and some guidance around the need for change in order to build their resilience and well-being.

As part of their overall response to stress, participants are asked to identify their symptoms of stress by considering a sample of “indicators” describing their physical, emotional and behavioral status as well as to identify their current self-care practices.

Health Fairs

We have a vast experience with developing, coordinating, organizing, attending, supporting or managing health fairs.

We recommend generating one to two health fairs per year as they draw in more attention and interest from those who would not necessarily participate in the fitness centres until they felt comfortable about the support the guidance they would receive.

This allows for more face to face interaction between the fitness coordinators and the infrequent gym-goers or general population.

Health fairs cover a full scope of fitness, health and wellness information, education and interaction. Blood pressure, dietitian, games, community services, food and drink samples, nutrition and fitness services and other areas of interest specific to that population can be included. Our virtual services can be used for a virtual health fair and that they can be added to the wellness portal for tracking and incentives for a seamless user experience.

In this COVID climate, the health fairs would be virtual with a Zoom (or other video medium) platform that allows interaction in different “virtual rooms” and online locations.

• Cooking demo,
• Health and wellness coaching session (also telephonic)
• Short 15-minute webinars or 1-hour lunch n learns
• Online mental health and resilience quiz and other assessments
• Virtual mindfulness and meditation class
• Virtual yoga class
• Nutrition coaching
• Interactive gamified challenges for prizes
• Virtual challenges – balancing, planks, etc. For prizes
• Questionnaires and online assessments.
• Access to our interactive wellness site for videos, blogs, articles.

Other options to be discussed with client representatives.


Individual Fitness & Wellness Services

An option for individuals to further enhance their fitness and wellness experience. These services can be one-off or grouped as a package, paid individually by the user or through the organization.

Health & Wellness Coaching

We deliver proven, results driven, online and telephonic health and Wellness coaching to individ-uals, corporations and Employee Assistance providers. Our approach involves our clients expe-riencing a move through a series of steps to reach individual goals, making it as easy and straightforward as possible. Curtis Health collaborates with its sister company 12 Weeks to Wellness, on many services, including its specialty: Coaching.

Over 15,000 people have benefited from our proven, impactful coaching services.

Individual Coaching

  • Stress and resilience coaching
  • Healthy eating
  • Mindfulness
  • 12 weeks to wellness coaching
  • Fitness

“I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose weight or gain a healthier lifestyle. My coach was caring and understanding. Gave lots of recipes and I knew she was there should I need help along the way. “

Stress and Resiliency Coaching

The focus on mental health and mindfulness is woven through all these programs, specifically with the health and wellness coaching. Our affiliate coaching company, 12 Weeks to Wellness, conducted a health and wellness coaching pilot project with a local health authority employees.

For group results please visit:

This coaching involved online pre, mid and post assessments, up to 6 hours of coaching, our proven coaching and change process and support resources.

Group Coaching

  • Weight loss
  • Wellness
  • Emotional Eating

My coach was great. She helped me set small but manageable goals and gave me lots of info and ideas on how to achieve them. The follow up calls were great too because it held me accountable, she was able to provide feedback on what I still needed to work and she helped me set up following goals. I highly recommend this program!

For all our coaching programs overview, please click here.

For individual and group coaching rates, please click here.

Virtual Personal Training

Delivering custom, creative and challenging online video, fitness and wellness programming through:

1. A broad focus of fitness, well-being, health and mindfulness.
2. Topic specific “target” training.

Prepaid sessions provide flexibility with an extended expiry date. Ongoing personal training memberships provide consistency and accountability to keep you on track to meet your goals.

My coach was great. She helped me set small but manageable goals and gave me lots of info and ideas on how to achieve them. The follow up calls were great too because it held me accountable, she was able to provide feedback on what I still needed to work and she helped me set up following goals. I highly recommend this program!

For more information please visit:

Nutrition Coaching

12 Weeks to Healthy Eating and Better Nutrition — Gain confidence, knowledge and motivation to eat right and feel better! Supported by up-to-date, evidence-informed nutritional information and best-in-class coaching, you will build a winning, lasting plan for a lifetime of healthy eating and living.

Registered Programs/ E-Courses 

Our registered programs and e-courses will inspire, motivate and educate you and your group towards make the change to where you need to be.


  • 20-minute intro to fitness
  • Training and exercise guidelines
  • Foundations of weight training i, ii, iii
  • Foundations of cardio training i & ii
  • 6 – 12 Weeks courses on weight loss, emotional eating, stress and resilience

This program exceeded my expectations. I have told everyone I come across…to take this course next time it is offered. The coach is awesome.


The Services above can be adjusted as a “one-off” service or comprehensive wellness solution. These rates are general and will be applied accordingly upon further discussions.

For ongoing, multiple services:

If there is more than a single event or involves ongoing, multiple services, there may be more coordination and account management required. For this, there is much work to be done during a start up as a foundation for long-term sustainability and a successful program. Thus, we have established a “two stage” approach for clarity and comparisons over the year:

Stage 1 – Review and development of initial programs and setup

Stage 2 – Ongoing programs for 12 months after Stage 1 if required depending on the extent of the services required.

Stage 1: Program Development, Planning and Data Collection

Planning and program development are a combination of information collection and sharing between “health promotion”, IT / portal support and the client’s Wellness Project representatives.

Standard program planning and development process includes the following unless only a few services (Classes and webinars for example) are required. In that case preparing and launching the service(s) is a much simpler and quicker process.

  1. Wellness portal customization and development (as required)
  2. Strategy meetings with the Wellness Committee / company representatives
  3. Data Collection – Survey, Health Screens / Biometrics, Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  4. Reporting
  5. Program targeting and plan
  6. Program review and discussions
  7. Estimate review and revision as required
  8. Program launch
  9. Strategy Meetings

This first stage will involve initial meetings to script out the precise plan and timeline for the program. Depending on the extent of the plan, this process could just take one to two meetings or a couple of hours each.

Stage 2 – Program Implementation

We recommend the following program components and services in the first year as a simple strategy to maximize retention, motivation, participation, and success.

Ongoing Program Coordination and Management

Core Program

  1. Account/Program Management and Administration / meetings
  2. Customer Care, IT support and management
  3. Reports to AON/ Client management.
  4. Evaluation and program adjustment
  5. Ongoing programs and meetings

These “account management” services are a cornerstone of the ongoing coordination and sustainability of a successful program.